Mexican style hand wraps are slightly elastic, providing a snug and comfortable fit that conforms well to the hand. This type of wrap is popular among boxers for its balance of support and flexibility. Here’s how to wrap your hands using Mexican style wraps for boxing:

Step-by-Step Guide to Wrap Your Hands with Mexican Style Wraps

  1. Prepare the Wrap
    • Unroll the Mexican style hand wrap and find the thumb loop at the end. Make sure the wrap is ready to be applied smoothly without any twists.
  2. Start at the Wrist
    • Place the thumb through the loop, and start wrapping around your wrist. Wrap three to four times, depending on your wrist size and the level of support you need. Ensure the wrap lies flat and even.
  3. Move to the Hand
    • From the wrist, transition to the back of your hand. Cross over to the palm and then back over the hand to the wrist. Repeat this step three times to create a base layer that adds stability to the hand.
  4. Wrap the Knuckles
    • Bring the wrap up to cover your knuckles. Go around your hand just over the knuckles three to four times. Be careful not to wrap too tightly; you should be able to flex your fingers comfortably.
  5. Between the Fingers
    • Starting from the knuckle area, bring the wrap down to the palm and thread it between your pinky and ring finger. Wrap around the back of your hand to the space between the ring finger and middle finger, and then between the middle finger and index finger. This method helps to secure the wrap and provides additional support to the fingers.
  6. Secure the Thumb
    • After wrapping between the fingers, take the wrap to the thumb. Encircle the thumb once or twice to provide support, preventing any hyperextension during punches.
  7. Lock the Wrap
    • With the remaining length of the wrap, go back to the wrist. Wrap several more times around the wrist for final stabilization. Ensure the entire wrap is snug but not too tight.
  8. Finish the Wrap
    • Conclude the wrapping process by securing the Velcro at the end of the wrap. Make sure the entire setup feels comfortable, and the Velcro does not scratch or irritate your skin.
  9. Check Flexibility and Comfort
    • Flex your hand, make a fist, and move your wrist to ensure there is no discomfort or restriction in movement. Adjust the tightness if necessary to ensure a good balance between support and circulation.

Mexican style wraps are excellent for providing a custom fit due to their elasticity, making them a preferred choice for many boxers. Remember, the key is to ensure the wrap supports without cutting off circulation or hindering movement.